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What are the Chakras?

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

You may have heard the word Chakras before and wondered exactly what they are. I would like to take this opportunity to give a brief explanation of what they are and what each one represents.

Chakras are a point that exists between the non-physical and physical realms of the human body. The energy that gets exchanged in the chakras is the energy of life force.

Our life force is the energy that runs through us all and up through each of the 7 chakras. the chakras are like spinning vortexes or wheels that both take in and release energy. If the chakras are functioning properly there is a balance of the energy and the flow of life force, as a result we feel confident, healthy and calm to name just a few benefits. If however there is a build up of energy then this can restrict the flow, like wise if a chakra is imbalanced then it can release too much or too little energy, leaving us feeling out of sorts, confused and lonely amongst other things.

Our bodies have many chakras the top seven are the most recognised. Chakras are located in various places throughout the body and control specific aspects of your health, each one is a different colour.

Below is a brief description of each Chakra.

ROOT CHAKRA - Muldahara

Colour - Red

Location - Base of spine

Element - Earth

Symbol - 4 petalled lotus

Healing Crystal - Smoky quartz

Affirmation - “I AM”

Mantra - Lam

The First Chakra is the chakra that supports your roots. This chakra is the base for consciousness in the body. The necessity for it can be felt when the energy connects us to the earth. Therefore, it relates to material requirements, emotional needs, sexuality, physical strength, and survival. When you look at the modern world, this chakra basically translates to financial and emotional security. When looking at emotions, this chakra bases the focus on primal feelings, and the spiritual focus is based on sympathy and being able to sense energy.

When this chakra is balanced you will feel a sense of accomplishment and stability, an imbalance in this chakra could result in emotional instability (such as anxiety) On a physical level in ambulance in this chakra can manifest into lower back problems or unexplained fatigue.

SACRAL - Svadhishana

Colour - Orange

Location - Pelvis

Element - Water

Symbol - 6 Petalled lotus

Healing Crystal - Carnelian

Affirmation “I FEEL”

Mantra - Vam

The second chakra is related to our emotions, it relates to feelings and passion and our creativity. It can enhance the creative energy that drives us to enjoy our lives. It motivates us to enjoy our efforts and indulge in activities that give us pleasure like sex.

Creativity, sensuality, joy, and happiness in our lives indicate this chakra is in balance. If it isn’t balanced, you might suffer from restlessness, hormone imbalance, obesity, oversensitivity, and addiction. Addiction is present when a person enjoys things that can’t nourish our health and soul.

Imbalances in this chakra can lead to feelings of insecurity, guilt and fear. under active imbalance can lead to lack of creativity, power, and passion. Maybe a decreased sex drive and depression.


Colour - Yellow

Location - Navel

Element - Fire

Symbol - 10 Petalled lotus

Healing Crystal - Citrine

Affirmation - “I DO”

Mantra - Ram

The third chakra relates to individual expression and self image, our personal power. Emotionally this chakra relates to feelings that relate to self esteem, willpower, courage and strength. When overactive this chakra can lead to feeling power hungry and a need to be in control of everything. When under active this chakra can lead to feeling insecure, anxious, timid and indecisive. Physical problems can manifest then this chakra is imbalanced such as poor digestion. when in balance people will have confidence in their own abilities.

HEART - Anahata

Colour - Green

Location - Chest

Element - Air

Symbol - 12 petalled lotus

Healing Crystal - Rose Quartz/Malachite

Affirmation - “I LOVE”

Mantra - Yam

This is the central chakra where the spiritual and physical meet. It links our spiritual and physical aspects of life. emotionally this chakra focuses on feelings that are related to love and gives us a connection to the spiritually divine.

When this chakra is in balance you will find that it is easy to revive and give love. If the chakra is over active it can lead to negative feelings such as jealousy, co-dependancy and lack of empathy. Physically an imbalance in this chakra can lead to circulation problems.

THROAT - Vishuddha

Colour - Blue

Location - Throat

Element - Ether

Symbol - 16 petalled lotus

Healing Crystal - Lapis lazuli

Affirmation - “I TALK”

Mantra - Ham

The fifth chakra is the first of the three spiritual chakras. It is associated with communication, it lets you speak your mind without worrying about it. It helps us to express emotions, truth, words and communication. When this chakra is balanced you will have smooth communications and no fear that your words will be judged by others. if imbalances occur you could have a fear of speaking, or inability to express yourself. if the chakra is overactive you may experience excessive talking, criticism and enjoy gossiping. Physically imbalances can manifest into sore throat or sinus problems.


Colour - Indigo/Purple

Location - Between the eyebrows

Element - Light

Symbol - 2 petalled lotus

Healing Crystal - Amethyst

Affirmation - “I SEE”

Mantra - Om

Anja means “to know” The third eye is the centre to access your higher self, telepathy, insight, inspiration and farsightedness.

This chakra brings better spiritual understanding and self-awareness. If it is balanced, you will make very good decisions. You will have wisdom and understand all spiritual matters. You will have visualisation, dream recall, creativity, and intuition.

If this chakra is overactive, you will have a lack of focus, nightmares, and headaches.

CROWN - Sahaswara

Colour - White/Violet

Location The crown of the head

Element - Spirit

Symbol - thousand petalled lotus

Healing Crystal - Clear Quarts/Selenite

Affirmation - “I UNDERSTAND”

Mantra - Om

This chakra is related to enlightenment and understanding. It controls thoughts, wisdom, universal connection, and spiritual awakening. it is also the hardest one to balance When you start trying to balance this chakra, you might be looking for a divine and higher connection.

With this chakra in balance , you will be able to get rid of all negative things. You will be able to understand why you are here, forgive others when they wrong you, and understand people better. With this chakra, the infinite and finite aspect of being human meets. This experience has been described as “an awakening”, “ego depletion”, and “enlightenment”.

When this chakra is overactive you may feel superior to others. if under active you may experience skepticism.

So thats my quick guide to the chakras, I hope that you have found it useful. If you are reading this and feel that you may have identified some imbalances in your own chakra system then don’t panic. There are lots of ways to help align your chakras.

In my opinion the best way to help balance the chakras is having Reiki.

Reiki uses the life force energy directly, to help shift any energetic imbalances and leaves you feeling in alignment and that is a truly wonderful feeling.

Crystal therapy, colour therapy and meditation are also fantastic tools for helping to align your chakra system and I offer a specific chakra balancing treatment that uses a combination of all of the above.

My advice is to take notice and be more aware of your chakras and if you can identify any specific areas in your energetic field that could be contributing to physical problems then a simple and effective way to give each chakra a boost is to wear the colour associated with that chakra or carry crystal that relates to the chakra you want to work on.

If anyone would like more information on the chakras I offer a one day thorough workshop (details of this workshop can be found on the pink section of this website) the workshop includes a take home manual and all the treatments mentioned above.

If anyone would like to book a place or would like more information on any of the treatments mentioned in this blog then please don't hesitate to message me. This is just a very brief introduction to a fascinating subject and there are some wonderful books that I can recommend if anyone would to learn more on this subject.

Thanks for reading


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