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Mandala Mists
Chakra Sprays

I’m so excited to launch Mandala Mists Chakra Sprays.


These Reiki infused Chakra sprays have been blended from therapeutic grade essential oils specifically chosen to balance each chakra. 

There are also affirmations to choose from on the back of each bottle and suggested colour therapy for each chakra. 


All bottles are glass as we don’t need any more plastic clogging up our oceans and that’s also why I have decided to offer a discounted refill service too, so you can save money while helping to save the planet! 

But the best bit… 

They smell so good! 


I will be using these sprays from now during my treatments, so if you like any of the smells, you can take a bottle home and take a little of the Zen Den experience for your healing journey. 

8 to choose from 


Please message me to place an order 


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