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Inner Soul Walks

Myself and Geta From Butterfly Transformational Healing collaborate often to host Inner Soul Events.

We invite you to join is on one of our Inner Soul Walks. Come with us and take a walk outdoors and let Mother Nature heal you.

Come and sit amongst the mountains and the beautiful woodlands as we switch off and heal. 

Feel the energy of the  trees and the majestic mountains as you walk on the cushioned path of mother nature's carpet. 

Blow away those cobwebs. 

Slow your mind and feel earths energy and vibrations uplift you as you connect with Mother nature.


Nurture your inner Goddess and radiate beauty from within as you ground yourself 


Our upcoming inner soul event details can be found in the events section of the menu.


Godess Walks 

These Walks follow the turning of the Wheel Of the year.

We invite you to connect with your inner goddess, and join us. walks include  meditation, drumming and our goddess circle.

Lake District Walks

We hold annual Inner Soul Walks in the Lake District.

We invite you to join us for a walk and wild swim amongst the mountains, breathing the fresh crisp air.

Let Mother Earth Heal you.

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Family Walks

We also hold family walks.

We invite you and your children to join us splashing in the river and making music for the fairies.


Make New Friends

Your vibe attracts your tribe. 

If our inner Soul Walks look like something that you would like to try, then come and joins on our our next event.


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