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Seven Week Online 
Journey Through The Chakras Workshop

If you would like to learn about your chakras and how to keep yours in alignment then this is the course for you.

The next course dates are in the  upcoming events and workshops section of the menu.


Our chakras are the key to our health and well-being. Understanding them and how to heal them, and keep them in alignment is CRUCIAL! 


This course is a very self reflective course. Which will provide you with a wealth of information, with tasks to complete  each week to help heal and balance your chakras ready to start the new year. 


Each week there will be a comprehensive talk/lesson, over video call,  with a journal to fill in as you work on healing and opening up each chakra.  

Plus acccess to our chakra healing group where we can help and support each other as we work on opening up the  rainbow bridge inside us all. 


There will be group discussions sound healing, oracle cards  a manual and  and 7 different meditations exclusively written & recorded for this course. 


The information that you will learn will provide you with an in depth understanding of your chakra system,  including the psychology of the chakras and their developmental stage.  It’s a fascinating subject. 


Learn how they affect our everyday lives and well being. And how to keep them in alignment. 


The exchange for this 7 week workshop is £50.00 

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