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Pregnancy Treatments

If you are wanting to have a relaxed anxiety free pregnancy and birth then these treatments come highly recommended. 


Natal Hypnotherapy

I had both of my children using Natal Hypnotherapy techniques (also known as Hypnobirthing) and I can honestly say that it was life changing.  

Its the reason that I went on to become a hypnotherapist, I wanted other pregnant ladies to experience the calming effect that it can have on your pregnancy journey and your life.

contact me for more information.

50.00 per session 

Pregnancy Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful way to help to relax for pregnant ladies,  both mum and baby can benefit.

it feels really calming and can help with lots of pregnancy issues. 

30.00 (60 mins)


Natal Hypnotherapy  Relaxation Package 

Take advantage of this wonderful deal and save over 200 pounds and  you can pay in monthly instalments.

You will also receive 4 Reiki treatments, 4 Natal Hypnnotherapy sessions, 4 audio recordings and a  a Reiki infused rainbow crochet baby blanket made with love for your baby by me. 


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