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The Chakronite Light Colour Therapy System

Exclusive to Mandala Holistics

Introducing Mandala Holistics Chakronite Light Therapy System.

The idea came from my mind, and with the help of my amazingly talented husband and friend we made it a reality.


How it works 

The Chakronite Bar is on a pulley system that can be lowered and raised during a treatment.

There are seven orgonite towers, each has a  Crystal point that has a quartz Crystal at the tip, wrapped in two copper wires which then continue in a coil to the bottom.

In between the two copper coils are crystals to match each chakra both in colour and energy.

Running up through the centre and also attached to the quartz are two intertwined copper wires to represent the kundalini flow of energy. These wires then extend outside of the Orgonite so they can then be attached to a copper triskelion on either side.

 At the bottom near the root chakra crystal is an earth element symbol, designed so that positive energy can be drawn up for Mother Earth and negative energy can be dispelled the same way.

At the top next to the crown chakra Crystal is an ether symbol to draw in universal, chi, orgone energy .

It is beautiful and  feels AMAZING!

It is  so powerful.

Visit the treatments section for details about this extra specia treatment 

only available in The Zen Den

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