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Coping With Lockdown

Am I coping with lockdown? Are any of us? Some days I am coping really well with lockdown. Some days I find myself vacant. Trapped in my thoughts but if you asked me what was I thinking about, I couldn’t answer you. I’m thinking about nothing, and I’m thinking about everything all at once.

it really is a rollercoaster of lows,

emotions and anxieties and then highs of being filled with gratitude that I am spending time with my family and that we’re all safe. I try to remind myself daily that I am surviving a pandemic! I try not to be harsh on myself. I’ve had a mantra since it all started, the words of the legend John Lennon “Whatever gets you through the night”. As long as we make it out of the other side of this healthy and all together then anything goes!

We’ve mainly wore pyjamas for the past 12 months, we’ve had later bedtimes, we’ve eaten more junk, we’ve had too much screen time. BUT... We’ve all been surviving a pandemic!

I have coping mechanisms and a selection of tools in my emotional toolkit to help me get through the tough days. I will share a few of my own with you, feel free to magpie (home schooling parents will understand)


I have always got my head in a book. I find that reading is a fantastic way to pass the time and to take my attention from negative thoughts. I try to gain as much knowledge as I can from books, and sometimes I take myself to other worlds and times and get lost in the pages of someone else's story. I love books that make you think. Self help books are a great way to find your own coping strategies to fill up your tool kit with.


Meditation is a wonderful way to bring your attention to the moment. it’s a great tool to use when you feel that your thoughts are all over the place. There are many different forms of meditation ranging from simple breath work and short meditations, to deeply relaxing guided meditations that can help to relax and calm you when feeling stressed and anxious. Mindfulness meditation is a particular favourite of mine and I use Mandalas as a focal point in my own practice. There are numerous meditation apps available I personally use one called Insight Timer which is free to use and has so many to choose from. there are also lots on you tube.

Walking In Nature

This is the best for instantly making me feel better. Walking in the woods, Walking round a lake, walking over the park. It doesn’t matter where we go as long as we are surrounded by green. I am currently studying for a Shinrin Yoku (Forest Bathing) diploma and even though I loved nature before I have learned new skills to fully immerse myself in my surroundings to bathe in the sounds and the smells and the energy and I have gained a deeper appreciation for nature. Me and Geta at Butterfly Transformational Therapies have just this week finalised plans for our Inner Soul Walks that are taking place again when lockdown ends. I really look forward to these.

Listening To Music

Music speaks directly to our Souls. I believe this. I have different genres of music for my moods. I have my cleaning up music, driving music, relaxing music and music to dance to, and I dance! I dance around my kitchen in the garden doing the dishes. Music is medicine.


It doesn‘t matter what I’m creating, if I’m creating I’m feeling happy. Weather it be crocheting, baking, gardening, designing adverts, writing courses. The act of making something that was not here before you brought it into existence feels amazing. Creating also loosens up the energy in our sacral chakra which is the chakra associated with emotion. Creativity is a necessity in my emotional toolkit and one I have used consistently through the lockdowns.

Thats what I’ve done, that’s what I do.

Some days I don’t need to reach into the tool kit. Some days I do. One thing I’ve needed every day is coffee, but I bet that’s in your toolkit already.

So that’s how I’ve been coping with lockdown. I’ve also come away from social media for a few months. this is in my opinion the best thing anyone can do for their own well-being. Have regular Social Media breaks. I hope that you have found this blog post helpful. and I hope that you enjoy the last few weeks of the lockdown.

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