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Hi I’m Cath Porter, I am a Reiki Master/Teacher, holistic therapist and author.
I  am a qualified clinical hypnotherapist, a hypnotic gastric band specialist and  a mindfulness and spiritual  life coach.
I have diplomas in sound healing, Celtic Shamanism, Chakra healing, colour therapy, aromatherapy and crystal healing. 
I am also  a shamanic energy practitioner, Cacao ceremony facilitator and meditation guide/teacher. I have a therapy room in St Helens, The Zen Den, where you can immerse yourself under the Chakronite Light Therapy System which is exclusive to the Zen Den. (See the menu setion for more details.

Singing bowls and drums are also used during energy healing treatments,  using sound and  vibration as an aid. 

I teach face to face either online or in person. Reiki, Shamanic Reiki and Chakra Balancing/Healing (diploma level courses) and  a "Learn How To Mindfully Crochet For Beginners" workshop.
All of my courses are Fully Accredited by IPHM who are an internationally accepted training provider. 
Below is a description and price list of the current treatments I offer. 

Along with Geta at Butterfly Transformational Healing we collaborate to create Inner Soul Events and we host regular Inner Soul  walks, wild swimming groups and spiritual retreats, more details can be found in the menu.

I also host spiritual retreats to megalithic temples to connect with the energies of sacred sites. check out the To The Stones Tours Retreats section for more details.

I have recently published two books, a travel guide to wild camping called "Four Of Us In A Mini", and a book of meditation scripts titled simply "Mandala Holistics Meditation Scripts" both are available to purchase on Amazon.

at the bottom of the page you will find links to my you tube and  social media accounts.

you will find all my "upcoming events " in the menu.
(and don't miss the "monthly  special offer" section.)

if you'd like to contact me just click any of the "Get In Touch" buttons and I will get back to you.


Home: About


Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique that uses subtle  energy to aid healing. It is deeply relaxing and calming and has many benefits. It’s a completely non invasive treatment that can be performed both hands on or hands off. During a consultation I will explain in detail  what Reiki is and how it can be of benefit to you. Or add a little extra to your treatment using the healing properties of crystal therapy. 

£30.00 for 60 mins

 With Sound Healing or meditation  £35.00

Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic  Reiki uses the healing energy of Reiki, combining the life force energy, with elemental energies.  with the use of shamanic energy healing techniques, these include journeying, drumming, crystal and sound healing.


This is a deeply ethereal and relaxing experience  that incorporates all the senses.

Cacao Shamanic Reiki 

This session combines the heart-opening plant medicine of cacao with the energy-clearing practice of Shamanic Reiki.  


A Cacao ceremony will be  held prior to our session followed by Shamanic Drumming and sound healing as you go deep into meditation.  

This provides for a more relaxed state to  receiving the healing Reiki energy.




Mandala Complete Treatment  


The clue is in the title. The complete treatment begins with a cleansing and preparation process, starting with an Oracle card reading from a deck of your choice.  Followed by the aura cleanse where you will be smudged with California white sage and sweet scented Palo Santo. Then you relax on the bed and we progress to the sound healing section.

Sound healing begins with energy drumming. I will use a variation of beats with my low frequency hand crafted drum hovering over your body. The subtle vibration is really relaxing and helps to release stagnant energy. After the drumming I shall immerse you in waves of soothing sound, using my sea drum, followed by an Aboriginal rain maker.  By now your internal energy will be fizzing, providing sensations that are truly magical.

I can then commence to cleanse and rebalance your energy using vibrating tuning forks and crystals, this amplifies the vibration and increases the healing properties of the crystals, resulting in a really soothing experience.  When this state of calmness is achieved, vibrating tuning forks are passed around your aura and over your Chakras to complete the rebalancing.

At this point I will enfold you in a Reiki infused, hand made healing blanket, and begin to thoroughly relax your mind with a guided meditation that I composed specifically for this treatment. I will use colour therapy lights to correlate with the meditation.

Once your mind and body are cocooned in a totally relaxed state, I will administer the Reiki.

After the Reiki is ended, I will seal our aura with the calming, tranquil tones of a Tibetan singing bowl.  You will retain the wonderful floating sensation all the way home.



Hypnotherapy uses positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The  process  aims to alter your  state of consciousness in a way that relaxes the conscious part of your mind while focusing on the subconscious part using  appropriate suggestions to bring about beneficial changes. It can help with many issues including dealing with phobias, confidence building and stopping bad habits. 

FREE consultation £50.00 per session 


Chakronite Light Colour Therapy Treatment

Come and recharge your energy in a unique and powerful way!

Come and receive Reiki underneath the Chakronite Bar where You will absorb the combined healing energy of Organite, crystal, and light therapy, during which time I shall use my drum (Fillipo), whose soothing vibrations will make you deeply relaxed.

I will then use Sound Therapy to clear away any dense energy.

When the energy cleanse is complete, I will balance each of your Chakras using Organite domes and high frequency tuning forks,

set to resonate with each Chakra.

When your Chakras are in alignment, you will receive a full Reiki session underneath the bar.


Hypnotherapy/Reiki Combined

This is a deeply relaxing treatment. 
Allow yourself to fully relax and unwind in the Zen Den, where you will be guided into a gentle hypnotic trance and take a journey deep within. 
When you are in a deeply relaxed state you will receive Reiki. 


Chakra Balance

 I offer chakra balancing using a combination of Reiki, crystals, guided meditation and colour therapy. During a consultation I will explain in detail about the chakra system and the benefits of keeping your energy balanced. It can aid both emotional and physical wellbeing.



Meditation Classes 

Meditation has so many health benefits, it’s something everyone can do, and feels pretty amazing too. Mandala Holistics offers both individual and group meditation classes, with a guided meditation and a mini Reiki boost included. I write my own meditation scripts and can also create personal meditations for clients designed around specific issues, ( upon request.) message me for more info or to book an appointment.


£25.00 solo*

£7.00 group

(date of next one can be found in events section of menu)


*Includes guided meditation audio recording


Ear Candling

Ear candling is a technique that uses linen candles coated in beeswax, they create a vaccum  in the ear that feels really relaxing and can aid with many conditions including tinnitus and migraines. Treatment takes around 45 minutes and includes a mini Reiki boost. 



Natal Hypnotherapy

I had both of my children using Natal hypnotherapy (also known as hypnobirthing) and I can honestly say it was life changing. It’s the reason that I went on to become a hypnotherapist, I wanted other pregnant ladies to experience the wonderful calming effect that it can have on your pregnancy journey and your life. Please contact  me for more info. There is a client testimony and birth story at the very bottom of the website. 

£50.00 per session.
There is a package deal available if you scroll down. 


Pregnancy Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful way to help relax for pregnant ladies. Both mother  and baby will benefit. It feels relaxing and can help with lots of pregnancy issues.

£30.00 60 mins

Natal hypnotherapy relaxation package 

Take advantage of this wonderful deal and save over £200

 You can pay in monthly instalments.

You will receive 4 Reiki treatments, 4 Natal Hypnotherapy sessions, 4 audio recordings plus a Reiki infused rainbow crochet baby blanket made with love for your baby by me. 


Mandala Holistics Training Workshops 

Would you like to learn how to use the healing energy of Reiki? Would you like to use it on yourself, friends, family and your animals? Or would you like to become a Reiki practitioner and work professionally? I offer one and two  day workshops for all Reiki degrees including Master/teacher level and Shamanic Reiki 
All courses are IPHM accredited and include a take home manual, attunement to each level, practise sessions, meditations journals, and support and guidance throughout your Journey with Reiki.
I also offer a fully accredited Chakra Healing Workshop. Plus a workshop teaching you how to mindfully crochet.
All workshops include, refreshments, a take home manual  a certificate upon completion. Details of all workshops are below. 


Mandala Holistics is an IPHM Training Provider 

All Mandala Holistics courses are accredited by IPHM  (The international practitioners of Holistic Medicine) who are an internationally accepted training providers. 

Home: workshops

Reiki First Degree

This course is suitable for anyone who wants to develop their own self healing and share with friends and family. This thorough one-day course will be the perfect grounding for your first attunement to Reiki. 

It is suitable for complete beginners to practice energy work, You will learn how to treat yourself and others. You will be able to give Reiki to others in a non-professional capacity, including pets, plants and places. If you want to become a practising healer then this is the perfect first step.

Includes your take home manual, meditations and certificate, practice sessions and support. Please message me with any enquiries or to book a place 


Reiki Second Degree

Would you like to practice Reiki in a professional setting, and set up your own Reiki practice? If so then this is the course for you. 

During this one day workshop you will learn the  three sacred Reiki symbols and each of their specific functions and how to use these symbols.  How to send absent healing over time and space and how to make and use a healing Mandala. 
You will receive your second attunement which will help you go through more transformations with your own natural healing pathway. You will also be taught the ethics of becoming a Reiki practitioner, with information given about the setting up of your Reiki practice and details about insurances etc. 
A manual and a certificate are given upon  completion of the course and  with this you will be able to practice Reiki in a professional setting. 
Anyone who has completed  First Degree Reiki can do this course, (even if it’s a long time since you did level 1)


Reiki Master Level 

Would you like to practice Reiki at a more advanced level or do you want to teach and attune others to Reiki? Then this is the course for you

During this third level of Reiki training you will be taught the Reiki Master symbol, and what it means, given a third attunement and taught to attune others. You will receive practical  training to prepare you to teach Reiki to others if you choose to do so. 
This one day workshop  includes a take home manual, certificate upon completion, plus invitation to join our group where we organise Reiki shares and support each other throughout our journeys. 
(You must have completed first and second degree level to take this course.) 


Shamanic Reiki

This 2 day course will provide you with an in depth understanding of Core Shamanism and Shamanic Reiki.
There will of course be drumming.
Day 1 is the theory, with a comprehensive lecture and take home manual.
Day 2 is the practical, with a demonstration of Shamanic Reiki treatment as well as attunement to the energy of Shamanic Reiki, and a practice session. A  lesson on how to undertake a journey, plus a journey to meet and connect with your power animal. 
if you like you can join our drumming circle where we hold Reiki shares and drum for each other.
Also included  will be refreshments, a manual and certificate, plus a shamanic journal for you to fill in as you work  with the shamanic energy and connect with your ancestors and power animals on your journeys. 

There will be a lecture on the history of shamanism, and I have decided to focus on Celtic Shamanism. When  we think of Shamans we think of Native American, South American  and Siberian. But geographically (living in Europe) we can trace our recent ancestral lineage back to the Celts. And the Celts practiced shamanism too. 

Relight the fire of your ancestors and learn how to connect with the energy of shamanic reiki for the purpose of healing yourself, others and the planet. 

Please note if you are already attuned to Reiki you will need to complete a level 1 Reiki class first
This course is fully accredited (however to practice professionally you need to be attuned to at least level 2 Reiki)
The price of this 2 day course is £240
if you need Reiki Level 1 also £340 


Chakra Balancing/Healing Diploma 

Would you like to understand more about the chakras and the affect that they have  on our overall health and wellbeing? Would you like to learn some practical ways to keep yours balanced? 
Are you a Holistic Therapist who wants to learn more about Chakra Healing and offer it as a treatment to your clients?
If so then this fully accredited one day workshop is ideal for you? 

Workshop includes,  A take home manual, a lecture  on the history/psychology of the chakra system, exploring  each chakra in depth, Colour therapy, meditations, Chakra dancing,  Crystal therapy Chanting/sound healing, Reiki.
You will also receive a workbook to take home and fill in as you begin to work with,  and understand your own energy centres in great detail. 
The workshop will be 4-5 hours long and is a fully accredited course. You will receive a certificate and qualification upon completion. 


Learn How To Mindfully Crochet For Beginners

This workshop is for complete beginners. I will teach you how to crochet and provide you with all the materials, tools and support you will need to create your own healing chakra blanket. As well as giving you access to our Facebook group "The Chakrochet club" where you will find video tutorials of how to make a hexi cardigan, a pom pom hat and a plant hanger. Plus monthly group meet-ups.
Crocheting blankets throughout the lockdowns and the stress of the past few years  has helped me immensely on my own healing journey. 
Creating things gives you a boost in your solar plexus and sacral chakra, and the blanket itself as well as being therapeutic and calming to make will provide years of healing energy for you and your family. 

I will show you how to practice mindfulness as you create a stunning chakra balancing healing blanket of your own.  As well as a lesson on mindfulness, colour therapy and  the chakra system. 
There is a practical step by step demonstration as well as a take home Manual and tutorial videos to follow at home. 
You will also be invited to join our Facebook group and join us on our monthly chakrochet club meet ups where we mindfully crochet together. 
The cost of the workshop is
£80.00 per person. Please message me to book a place. 
Included in the price are 7 balls of wool, a set of crochet hooks, a take home manual and support of the group.

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Gemma’s birth story and hypnobirthing testimony 

I decided to do hypnobirthing as soon as I found out I was pregnant as I was absolutely terrified of giving birth and labour, last time I had a natural birth no complications but I had pain relief that had took my control out of my body and I always said I didn’t want pain relief next time because it made me feel sick when my daughter was born and it made her sleepy when she was born.. all in all not a very good experience because of the way the drug made me feel and messed with my natural hormones. 

I got started straight away with Cath at mandala holistics, I instantly felt relaxed having the hypno it was such an amazing feeling I got to do several sessions with Cath until unfortunately we went into lock down due to the covid 19 outbreak and Cath could no longer work in the shop, however Cath continued to send me hypno recordings throughout my pregnancy and reassured me continuously with any support that was needed, and although it was done virtually it was very effective! She even made me a Rainbow blanket for the baby which is such a special blanket. 

I did my hypno recordings every night and it was so surprising how relaxed I felt in such an uncertain world that we was also living in and hormones in the mix hypno really helped to keep me relaxed and positive!! It was truly special and my baby loved it she would be moving about in my tummy dancing to the relaxation such a wonderful feeling. When I went for a scan at 30 weeks to see if my baby was breech (she wasn’t thank god) the midwife mentioned that she was doing her breathing exercises on the scan and that was a really good healthy sign!! The midwife was amazed And I am convinced that was down to the hypnobirthing!!! How wonderful my baby meditating in the womb just absolutely fascinating! 

Now approaching my due date things were getting real I continued with the recordings and I went past my due date, almost thought that I had relaxed the baby so much that she was far to zen in there to come out into the real world!! I got to a week over due (which I was with my first daughter before she started to arrive) and sweeps were given but nothing was happening I started to worry I wasn’t going to have a natural birth and have to be induced and of course you hear horror stories but I didn’t let it defeat me I accepted that if I was to be induced it would still go smoothly again my hypno recordings helped me to keep a clear head!!

 So they booked me an app 12 days over due and on my way to the hospital I received reiki from Cath and it was the most amazing feeling ever the baby was wriggling around when I was receiving it and when Cath put her hands on my stomach she would stop, my baby receiving reiki before she’s even born! How amazing! she was already hooked on zen life before she was born! I love that! 

I got to my 13th day over due and I had to be induced I had the prostlaglandins gel inserted at 10 am and instantly pains started to come an hour later I breathed through them using the techniques given on my hypno, I went and had a bath and even had my dinner whilst having pains. It got  to about 1 o clock and they were getting stronger I was mentioning it to the midwives but they didn’t believe I was in labour as I was so calm!! But I knew that I was, I even went for a walk off the ward when my contactions were 2 minutes apart as no one thought I was in labour. 
I headed back to the ward and I knew things were progressing rather fast at this point so I had to demand to be checked; they checked me and within 5 minutes they rushed me into the delivery suite!! I got to delivery suite around 4:30pm I had no pain relief not even gas and air!! And the baby arrived 5:13pm not even an hour on delivery suite... the midwives were in awe at what they had witnessed, I also wanted a pool birth the midwife started to run the pool for me but before it had finished filling up my daughter had other plans she was here! 

Hypnobirthing helped me immensely and it’s an experience I will never ever forget it truly was so special!


Mel’s Hypnobirthing story and testimony

I started hypnobirthing and reiki with cath once I found out I was pregnant with my second baby. My first experience of birth was a planned section however due to complications I knew I would be having a c section again. I was really anxious during my first pregnancy, during the section and afterwards so I was determined to try holistic therapies to combat the anxiety and to deliver my baby calmly into the world! 

What a journey it was, with several lockdowns in between cath stayed very much connected with me, I call her my angel as I truly believe the universe brought us together. Cath checked in with me during lockdown, sent me distance reiki and sent me recordings so that I was able to continue with my hypnobirthing journey. I can’t begin to explain the level of relaxation I felt when in the zen den and whilst listening to caths recordings. I started to use these within anxiety provoking situations throughout my pregnancy and really felt the benefits. 

The day of my section came, I listened to the recordings in the hospital and walking down to theatre... what a different experience this was.. I was able to enjoy delivering my baby calmly and even the theatre staff commented on how relaxed I was throughout! My tears where of joy not of anxiety and panic and I Can’t thank cath enough for making this experience such a positive one! My son is calm, he loves reiki and I can’t wait to take him to the zen den!
Cath also made him a beautiful reiki infused chakra blanket which he was wrapped in during my hospital stay. Thank you so much cath for everything. I can’t recommend her enough as her healing, guidance and treatments truly changed my birthing experience and I will be forever greatfull xx


Baby Hope’s Story

I found out I was pregnant very early on with baby number 3 and decided to get started straight away with hypnobirthing with cath as last time was such a success I swear by it and It’s a definite necessity. It was harder to do it as much as I did with my second child as having a toddler and being pregnant is so hard!! But I was confident and trusted in hypnobirthing so much that the amount I managed to do and when I could get into really took an effect. 
Cath’s voice was so relaxing I would fall asleep before I reached the end but knew that it was still tapping into my subconscious. She made it so relaxing and easy to be guided into relaxation and also had the drum being played at the very beginning which just sent me straight into an meditative trance. 

I started to go into labour naturally 4 days over my due date which is amazing as my other babies liked to stay tucked in past a week and 2 weeks over so I was very shocked when my waters went 4 days over then came the pains instantly, I was so relaxed and calm throughout each contraction and If it wasn’t for my waters going I would’ve been able to stay at home longer, I was even packing my hospital bag whilst having contractions (organised as usual) but even having to do that was calm and just went with the flow. When  I went to the hospital I was already 5cm dilated so already half way and it was all so calm and relaxed to a point they didn’t even need to put the belt on me that they always strap on you during labour to monitor which I was so relieved as carrying my baby was hard enough as she was so heavy and uncomfortable in my ribs!
 I asked if I could have a water birth which they instantly said yes and started to fill the pool for me I was in the water and at this point contractions were coming quick and fast and yet I was still very calm and relaxed the midwife even said people I was making her job really easy and doing amazing and that the progression I had made in my labour in 1 hour most people don’t do until hour 4!! 
I was so confident and listened to my body, I  had trust in my body and before you know it it was time to birth my baby… I had Cath’s recording on in the background whilst in the pool waiting patiently for the arrival of my 3rd beautiful daughter Hope. 
It was the most amazing experience having her in the water I’ll forever cherish this moment and I thank cath so much once again for guiding me through such a magical hypnobirthing journey which made my birthing day so magical 💜✨ I also have big babies and I’m so petite myself so it’s always worrying having babies when you know they’re big to birth which hypnobirthing helps take that anxiety away and trust trust trust.  My beautiful Hope was 8lb1 but everything went perfect and smooth.. I highly recommend hypnobirthing it’s the best thing ever!! 

I dropped off my eldest daughter at school and before her school day was finished I had had had my baby! I believe hypnobirthing helped soooo much to make my birth such a straight forward, efficient and beautiful experience 💜

Home: Testimonials

Upcoming Events

  • How To Mindfully Crochet For Beginners
    How To Mindfully Crochet For Beginners
    Sat, 20 Jul
    St Helens
    20 Jul 2024, 10:00 – 16:00
    St Helens, Kilburn Grove, Thatto Heath, St Helens, Saint Helens WA9 5EQ, UK
    20 Jul 2024, 10:00 – 16:00
    St Helens, Kilburn Grove, Thatto Heath, St Helens, Saint Helens WA9 5EQ, UK
    All the materials and guidance you will need to learn how to crochet. more details can be found below £80.00
  • Inner Soul 2024  Retreats to the Lakes Autumn Equinox (Mabon)
    Inner Soul 2024  Retreats to the Lakes Autumn Equinox (Mabon)
    Fri, 20 Sept
    20 Sept 2024, 16:00 – 22 Sept 2024, 16:00
    Millom, Millom LA18 5LD, UK
    20 Sept 2024, 16:00 – 22 Sept 2024, 16:00
    Millom, Millom LA18 5LD, UK
    We would love you to join us for wonderful weekend in the glorious Lake District on one of our 2024 retreats. The retreat includes accommodation, food and healing workshops. As well as the opportunity to absorb the healing energy of Mother Earth, with a wild swim amongst the mountains.
  • Shamanic Reiki Workshop (2 days)
    Shamanic Reiki Workshop (2 days)
    Sat, 05 Oct
    St Helens
    05 Oct 2024, 10:00 – 06 Oct 2024, 15:00
    St Helens, 60 Kitchener St, St Helens, Saint Helens WA10 4HG, UK
    05 Oct 2024, 10:00 – 06 Oct 2024, 15:00
    St Helens, 60 Kitchener St, St Helens, Saint Helens WA10 4HG, UK
    Two day workshop, details can be found below
  • Inner Soul Family Retreat
    Inner Soul Family Retreat
    Sat, 24 May
    24 May 2025, 12:00 – 26 May 2025, 15:00
    Wiltshire, Wiltshire, UK
    24 May 2025, 12:00 – 26 May 2025, 15:00
    Wiltshire, Wiltshire, UK
    We are planning a family retreat on the May bank holiday weekend in 2025! The retreat will be held at a camping/glamping site in Wiltshire. AND We have the full site to ourselves!!!

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Available Until September 2024


Buy a voucher for 100 pounds and receive 4 Reiki/Sound Healing treatments.

(A saving of 40 quid!!)

Appointments can be booked at your convenience.

voucher valid for 12 months.

Offer Available until September 2024


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