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Reiki is a Japanese stress reduction technique that uses subtle  energy to aid healing. It is deeply relaxing and calming and has many benefits. It’s a completely non invasive treatment that can be performed both hands on or hands off. During a consultation I will explain in detail  what Reiki is and how it can be of benefit to you. Or add a little extra to your treatment using the healing properties of crystal therapy. 

£20.00 for 30 mins £30.00 for 60 mins Crystal Reiki £22.00 or £32.00


Shamanic Reiki

Shamanic  Reiki is Reiki combined with the use of shamanic energy healing techniques, theses include journeying, drumming, crystal and sound healing. This is a deeply relaxing treatment. 

£35 (90 mins) 


Mandala Special Treatment

The treatment begins with an Oracle card reading from a deck of your choice, followed by an aura cleanse where you will be smudged with California white sage and Palo Santo. Then you can get comfy on the bed and I will begin the sound healing. 
First is the energy drumming, I will use a variation of beats with my large drum moving over your body, the subtle vibration is really relaxing and helps to release stagnant energy. After the drumming I will use my sea drum, this sounds even better than you can imagine! Followed by an aboriginal rain maker, your energy will be fizzing around at this point and it feels just magical. 
I will then place crystals  over each of your chakras and use a weighted tuning fork directly on the crystals, which amplifies  the vibration and healing properties of each crystal and feels really soothing. Then unweighted tuning forks will be played around your aura and over your chakras to begin to settle your energy. 
At this point I will cover you in a Reiki infused healing blanket that I made myself and I will begin to really relax your mind with a guided meditation (that  I wrote specifically for this treatment). I will use colour therapy lights  to correlate with the meditation. Once your mind and body are cocooned in a totally relaxed state, I will begin the reiki. 
After the Reiki  I will seal your aura with the beautiful tone of a Tibetan singing bowl and a gong and you will float home. 

£40.00 (2 hours) 



Hypnotherapy uses positive suggestion to bring about subconscious change to thoughts, feelings and behaviour. The  process  aims to alter your  state of consciousness in a way that relaxes the conscious part of your mind while focusing on the subconscious part using  appropriate suggestions to bring about beneficial changes. It can help with many issues including dealing with phobias, confidence building and stopping bad habits. 

FREE consultation £50.00 per session 


Past Life Regression

This therapy is very popular! There is the option of 1 or 2 hour long appointments. The first is a consultation and induction to trance state with a regression to one lifetime. Then a second appointment where you will be regressed to multiple lives. You will receive detailed notes of the session plus relevant research  after each appointment is completed. 

£40.00 1 session/1 lifetime 

£60.00 2 sessions /multiple lives 


Chakra Balancing 

I offer chakra balancing using a combination of Reiki, crystals, guided meditation and colour therapy. During a consultation I will explain in detail about the chakra system and the benefits of keeping your energy balanced. It can aid both emotional and physical wellbeing.

£35.00 (90 mins) 


Meditation Classes 

Meditation has so many health benefits, it’s something everyone can do, and feels pretty amazing too. Mandala Holistics offers both individual and group meditation classes, with a guided meditation and a mini Reiki boost included. I write my own meditation scripts and can also create personal meditations for clients designed around specific issues, ( upon request.) message me for more info or to book an appointment.

£20.00 solo* (60 mins)

£5.00 group (dates t.b.a) 

*Includes guided meditation audio recording


Ear Candling 

Ear candling is a technique that uses linen candles coated in beeswax, they create a vaccum  in the ear that feels really relaxing and can aid with many conditions including tinnitus and migraines. Treatment takes around 45 minutes and includes a mini Reiki boost. 



Natal Hypnotherapy 

I had both of my children using Natal hypnotherapy (also known as hypnobirthing) and I can honestly say it was life changing. It’s the reason that I went on to become a hypnotherapist, I wanted other pregnant ladies to experience the wonderful calming effect that it can have on your pregnancy journey and your life. Please contact  me for more info. There is a client testimony and birth story at the very bottom of the website. 

£50.00 per session.
There is a package deal available if you scroll down. 


Pregnancy Reiki

Reiki is a wonderful way to help relax for pregnant ladies. Both mother  and baby will benefit. It feels relaxing and can help with lots of pregnancy issues.

£20.00 30 mins £25.00 60 mins 


Pregnancy package 

Take advantage of this wonderful deal and save £150. You can pay in monthly instalments. You will also receive a Reiki infused rainbow crochet baby blanket made with love for your baby by me. 

Upcoming Events

  • To The Stones Retreat To Avebury & Stonehenge
    31 Jul, 09:00 – 02 Aug, 18:00
    Wiltshire, Wiltshire, UK
    Join us on a megalithic, Earth Energies retreat 'To The Stones Tours' of Avebury and Stonehenge. Staying on a private Glamping site, situated on a ley-line. Includes comprehensive talk on the sites, a tour, all meals and a sunrise meditation plus a sunrise drumming circle The cost is £333

Sat, 07 Aug


Thatto Heath

Fully accredited first Degree Reiki Workshop

Would you like to develop your own self healing and share with friends and family? This course is perfect for beginners to practice energy work. You will be a ale to give reiki in a non professional capacity, this is the perfect first step to become a practising healer.

Registration is Closed
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Fully accredited first Degree Reiki Workshop

Time & Location

07 Aug 2021, 10:00

Thatto Heath, Thatto Heath, St Helens, Saint Helens, UK

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